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40 nights for the orphans of India. My 'Lent in a Tent' is about raising hugely needed funds for 'Shining Faces in India' orphanage in Salem, Tamil Nadhu, by sleeping ouside the Chaplaincy at King's Bruton for 40 nights. My target is at least £10,000 - which amazingly is only enough to feed the hundreds of children there for about two months.

I hope that many might be inspired to trade 40 pounds for my 40 nights. Actually, in the back of my mind I'm convinced that we could smash through the target and go much much further ... I wonder.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Too much air ... after 7/40

We die without it but we can have too much as well can't we? Air, I mean. Hyperventilation. Well I think I'm experiencing the tenting equivalent - hypertentilation. I've got too much air in my tent!

I knew it from the start when the pupils and staff here at King's were all berating me with cries of 'Luxury!', and 'That's a palace!'. I was fairly robust in arguing that a smallish flexi-framed family tent is a bit different to Versailles, but I didn't get far. They're a tough lot.

Anyway, the point is, smaller would be better! Less air, less draught, less to heat. Given that my body gives off about 250 Btu/hr, about the same as a 75 watt light bulb, I want to have to heat as little air as possible with it! Anyway, I'm stuck with it now - and quite happy even if wallowing in too much air.

The children in the orphanage face the same dilemma. Their rooms are big - they have to be because of how many live in them. More than that, each room functions not only as bedroom, but also dressing room, sitting room, play room, and any other room they need. Around the outside are their boxes - typically one box for two children. In them is everything they own. You can see them here down the right ...
I've seen the children at night, all asleep, when their Warden has given me a peak through the door. They've gathered their sleeping mats towards the centre of the room and lie next to each other as if to join-up their 75 watts in an imaginary smaller space.  They, like me, feel there's too much air at night.

The great news today is that donations have reached £1000, making £1220 with Gift Aid. If you're waiting to donate can I urge you to click the link now and go ahead? In doing so not only will you make a diffrence to the children, but you may just encourage others to act too.

A huge thank you for following, supporting and giving.

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