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40 nights for the orphans of India. My 'Lent in a Tent' is about raising hugely needed funds for 'Shining Faces in India' orphanage in Salem, Tamil Nadhu, by sleeping ouside the Chaplaincy at King's Bruton for 40 nights. My target is at least £10,000 - which amazingly is only enough to feed the hundreds of children there for about two months.

I hope that many might be inspired to trade 40 pounds for my 40 nights. Actually, in the back of my mind I'm convinced that we could smash through the target and go much much further ... I wonder.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Hidden worlds ... after 2/40

Up and about and mulling over the idea of hidden worlds that surround us but for one reason or another we just don't see.  Kind of parallel worlds, if you like, that are as real as our own, existing alongside, but never crossing over.

It was the lovely cleaners who sparked the idea. Getting going at 6.00am in the block near my tent theirs is a life my own routine never crosses. Awake, yes, but never seeing them because my 6 o'clock is in a different place to theirs.

I don't think it's a new thought, or just mine. Don't you look into the eyes of strangers and wonder what their life is like - where it's taken them; what they've done. Try it with these ...
They've lived in our time, and who knows, our paths might even have crossed if we'd taken different turnings through the years. As it is, though, theirs is a world hidden from ours. A world of extraordinary colour, scent, sound and taste; so different but alongside ours even if not crossing.

I love the idea of creating the crossing somehow - by going and living theirs for a moment; or enabling others to go; or by doing something that connects our 'here' with their 'there'. 

My hope, of course, is that many might join me in that connecting by becoming part of the gift we hope to be able to send to the children when the 40 nights are over.

If you'd like to, then just click HERE to make a donation

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